Please Note the Date:      July 28, 2018 . Cancelled for this Year

After being inspired by other organic beekeeping conferences we had attended in Massachusetts and Arizona, my wife Martha and I decided to host our first organic beekeeping convention in Richmond in March of 2012.  Many who signed up came from various parts of Virginia, North Carolina, Maryland and Pennsylvania.  It was more of a success than anyone had expected.  Even some older beekeepers who had been to many other conferences said that our convention was the best one they had ever attended.

We do have many of the same speakers* as last year, and they are well proven in their accomplishments. For those who have heard us for the last four conventions, there will be an abundance of new beekeeping information this year, involving cutting edge research–much of it originally done by the speakers.  All of our speakers have that knowledge born of experience, with many of what some would call “mistakes” along the way.  Any of these speakers can talk for days (maybe months) on beekeeping.  Presentations will apply to standard Langstroth hives, plus the many aspects that deal with other types of hives.

Our convention is designed for advanced beekeepers. New beekeepers may be a little overwhelmed at times, but both seasoned beekeepers and “newbees” will come away with exciting and different perceptions.  Bring a notebook for notes and questions.  We start early and may end up late because of the volume of information.  Please plan to join us.


*Our speakers are actively involved in their own research.  Research takes not only our time and thoughts but also $–big $ at that.  We have a dream of someday establishing a foundation for our research.


Contact John Adams, 804 285-BEES,
or email maohbc@hssi.net