Topics for 2018 – TBA

Speakers Topics will include:

Infrared videos of honey bees and what they tells us.

  • Close ups of honey bees like you have never seen or imagined.

  • New adventures in queen raising.

  • Why not produce the best of queens?

  • Updates on long boxes, Kenya hives and other types of hives with advantages and disadvantages.

  • Why some bait hives work and others do not.

  • Bait hives and their many uses, ie. not just for catching swarms but also useful as a 6 frame nuc box and very useful in getting bees out of a building many stories up without a lift.

  • A look at the hardest of bee removals without the use of chemicals or smoke.

  • Old technical methods of observation vs. the new technical methods of today. Have any new observations changed as to how we should treat our bees?

  • Tools of the trade.

  • The metaphysics in beekeeping.

  • Art and the world of bees.

  • The best food I have ever had at any convention and not just bee conventions.